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Where to Enjoy Football Season Near Flower Mound

Football season in upon us and whether you are die hard Longhorn’s fans or go crazy for Cowboys football, there are always places to enjoy the Texas football atmosphere in our city. The game will feel just as electric at these local hotspots, making the night one to remember, even if you can’t make it to support your teams in person.  From selecting a beer list to fuel your football spirit, finding an eclectic menu filled with Texas favorites, or experiencing an exciting atmosphere with all of the above, cheering on your favorite teams will be easy when living in Flower Mound.


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How to Celebrate Labor Day Near Elan Flower Mound

Oh hey, Labor Day. The long weekend is finally here and just like everyone else, we’re ready to enjoy the extra day given to us. With a whole day added onto our weekend, the opportunities for outings or hours spent napping have increased and we’re so excited. Some may spend their time exploring Flower Mound and its surrounding areas and some may snuggle up in bed but we’ve got some ideas for things to do near your Elan Flower Mound home.


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Venture to Flower Mound’s Best Places For Two Stepping

Flower Mound and its surrounding area offers plenty of places to get your country groove on. Also known as the “Texas-Two Step”, this popular dance is not only the namesake of our great state but also the best way to dance to the wonderful country/western music that inspires our culture. We recommend these excellent places to get you twirling, whirling and two stepping in no time.


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Discover Flower Mound’s Best Museums and Historical Spots

Flower Mound and nearby cities, such as Grapevine, offer rich history and heritage. We are surrounded by so much culture and so many things to do. When those two become one, life is better because of it. Take a short field trip this summer to visit these must-see museums and historical sites near our neighborhoods. You’ll not only enjoy yourself, but you will learn so much along the way.


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Spots to Rock your Workout Near Elan Flower Mound

Keeping up with a fitness routine can be difficult, especially when the Summer season rolls around. Barbecues, trying new restaurants and drinks by the pool fill the days and gym sessions can become a lot less regular. Luckily, your Elan Flower Mound home is close to some great places to get your workouts back on track after these months of fun.


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